Single Visit Mice Baiting

Single Visit Mice Baiting

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Note: For Metro areas only. Please contact us here, if outside of the Adelaide Metro area.

Hearing noises in the roof? This could be an early indication that some unwanted visitors are taking up residence in your home.
It might alarm you to know that 8% of household fires are started by rodents gnawing through electrical cables in the roof and walls.

The spread of disease and bacteria is also an issue that is associated with these little invaders.
So it just makes sense to act decisively and swiftly before the damage can be done.

Take the first step to protect your home with a Mice baiting program

Normally $242 NOW *$168 inclusive of GST

Price:$168 (Includes GST)

Our qualified technician will carry out a full inspection of your property including the roof void and yard areas (if accessible), before discussing their findings with you.

Included in the price is a report on the service of your property, detailing our findings and recommendations.

Simply select a date below and fill out the booking form. Payment can be made with Visa, MasterCard or PayPal, and we will contact you to confirm your booking.

Note: Bookings are in blocks of two hours. If it is found to be possums this service will change to a possum survey & report at the same charge.

Price based on average *4 Bedroom house, Special offer Only available for Adelaide Metro area only, please see our website for other locations